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Sometimes our lives change in an instant.  A best friend is killed by a drunk driver.  A husband falls off the roof.  You are diagnosed with a serious medical condition.  I call these sharp turns.  Shocking as they are, almost all of us have them.  Not often – then they wouldn’t be shocking – maybe once or twice in our lives. 

Most sharp turns involve tremendous loss.  And it’s often years before one feels steady again.  For those reasons, I wouldn’t wish a sharp turn on my worst enemy.  And I hope, hope, hope that I’ve already experienced all my sharp turns.  Nonetheless (and ironically), sharp turns are precious and unique gifts.  For one thing, when we look back at our traumas, we have a view of our essence that we otherwise would not have had.  We have a profound vision of who we were (and are) before, during and after.

  1. Josh Zepnick
    January 9, 2010 at 7:48 am

    Wow…so I am putzing around w. Facebook this morning, can’t sleep its soooo cold! And I clicked on your website Julia, only to find this post, which is of course so true and very profound. And, speaks to me in many ways. I just gave remarks at a funeral service yesterday, for someone I never met. Her name is Shanica Adkins and the church was a few blocks from Rufus King. Shanica was killed NYEve by a drunk driver who left the scene of the accident (still at large but we’ll catch him). Just like my sister…and it was grounding to visit with the family that I share their grief and sorrow…but we talked a lot about the role of God in our lives. My take is that African American Christianity is very much based on the promise earned to a path of eternal life…which can only be met through love of Jesus Christ and the radical message of peace and justice. If you read the story online of Shanica, her life was so full of what we call success and acheivement, only to be cut short by a sharp turn. Suddenly….

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