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Yoga, Sex and … READING

This is what I say: “Just about every problem in the world can be solved by yoga or sex.”  This is what I’ll add:  “Just about every problem in the world could be prevented by reading.  Especially fiction.  Read enough and you will find yourself listening to others constantly asking yourself, “Why is she (or he) telling me that?”, rather than forming a reaction in your head.  You will always assume there is a known or unknown back story to anything you hear or observe.  The minister narrator of the novel Gilead can always be trusted, except when he is talking about his namesake Jack, because he believes his wife has a crush on Jack.  We know that in real life just about all of us, no matter how trustworthy we normally are, have a Jack.  Reading gets us in the habit of looking for it – all the time – in everyone, including ourselves.

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