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Interesting (Non-sequitur) Wedding Facts

Wedding Cake:  The bride and groom create a special bond when they share the abundance of the union by feeding each other cake.  The bridegroom traditionally puts his hand on top of the bride’s when she is cutting the first piece of cake to symbolize that he will always protect her.  The wheat used to bake the cake is symbolic of fertility (help!  four boys is plenty!), while the cake’s sweetness is thought to bring sweetness to all areas of the couple’s new life. Traditionally, the top layer of the wedding cake is frozen and eaten by the bride and groom on their first wedding anniversary.  If the cake lasts, so too will the marriage; if the cake doesn’t last, the freezer is broken.

We decided to make our wedding cake round for sure when we found out that food in a round shape is good luck for New Year’s Day.  We decided not to put our guests at risk by burying coins in the cake.

Wedding date and colors:  Wednesday is the luckiest wedding day.  Saturday, the most popular day in America (and the day of our wedding), has no luck associated with it at all.  June is the luckiest month to marry.  January is very good too.  May is the worst.  Rain on a wedding day is inconvenient, but lucky.  White and pink are the best colors for the bride to wear.  Black (the color of my shoes and accessories) is the worst.  I didn’t find anything about plum (the color of my dress), but Joe called me, “a delicious piece of fruit,” so I think plum turned out to be an OK color for me.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue: Something old signifies the bride’s link with her past life.  Something new represents a new future.  Something borrowed should be something from a happily married friend or relative.  And blue symbolizes purity and love. 

Wedding Ring Placement:  The left hand is generally used less often than the right and the third finger is the only one that cannot be moved in isolation from the other fingers.  These two factors give extra protection to the ring.

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